Renée Römkens, Director/CEO
Angeniet Gillissen, General Manager


Muneni Matimba, Management Assistent
Deborah Narain, HR Advisor
Alla Lohues, Senior financial worker
Henny Bijma, Projects Officer

Collections, Research and Advice

Tjarda de Haan, Head of Collections
Annette Mevis, Senior Archivist
Désirée Vreke, Archivist
Marianne Boere, Senior Information Specialist
Marjet Denijs, Information Specialist
Arlette Strijland, Information Specialist
Roselle Servage, Junior Information Specialist
Bianca Zijp, Assistent Information Services
Hedwig Linssen, Application Manager
Suzanne Bouma, Head of Research
Sylvia Holla, Researcher
Jamila Mejdoubi, Researcher
Tim de Jong, Researcher
Esther de Jong, Head of Policy Advice
Anouk Kooistra, Junior Policy Officer
Lisanne Post, Junior Policy Officer
Zehra Sariaslan, Junior Policy Officer

Communication and external relations

Juul Muller, Senior Advisor Marketing and Communication
Esther Terweij, Advisor in Marketing and Communication
Noortje Willems, Advisor Communication and Events
Frederike de la Bije, PR and Communication Officer
Ellen Verpoorten, Webeditor and Information- and Documentation Officer
Ingrid Oostendorp, Webmaster and Coördinator web communication