Conference Marital captivity in the Netherlands

Thursday 13 September 2018
Huwelijkse gevangenschap

The University of Maastricht, in collaboration with the National Working Group Mudawannah, Refugees Organizations Netherlands (VON), the Clara Wichmann Foundation and Atria, conducted a thorough research into marital captivity in the Netherlands over the past 4 years and what can be done against this - in particular from a legal point of view. On 13 September, the final conclusions of this research will be presented during this conference.

Marital captivity

In the Netherlands people can marry in different ways; either civilly, religiously, or in both ways. Dissolving a civil marriage is usually not too difficult to achieve. Obtaining a religious divorce, on the other hand, can be a real challenge, especially for women of migrant or refugee background. A civil divorce pronounced by a Dutch court will not end a religious marriage; or when there is no civil marriage and a couple only entered a religious marriage – how and where can one get a religious divorce or annulment? The situation in which a couple is legally and/or physically separated yet religiously still married, can be denoted as being in a state of ‘marital captivity’. 

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