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In the library and archives, we preserve the heritage of women, their organisations and movements along with contemporary information sources about emancipation, gender and women’s history. This collection has existed since 1935 and is known as the International Archives for the Women’s Movement (IAV). The Collection IAV is one of the oldest collections about women and gender worldwide.
More about the history of the Collection IAV

The Collection IAV is extremely extensive, and Atria is adding new materials to it on a daily basis. The collection contains:

  • 1,500 metres of archives
  • 260 ego documents by women
  • 241 current magazine subscriptions
  • 440 metres of complete magazine volumes
  • 8,865 folders of biographical press cuttings about women
  • 105,000 books
  • 79 oral history interviews
  • 46,300 visual and audio items
  • 1,800 objects (badges, pins, banners and notebooks)
  • 64 metres of documentation materials

Unique materials

The collection can rightfully be described as unique. Many of the books and magazines cannot be found in any other library in the Netherlands. Moreover, the documents in the archives are almost invariably one of a kind.


If you would like to know more about the collection or need help finding information, please contact our information specialists by phoning + 31 (0)20 665 08 20 or emailing