Tijdschriften in de bibliotheek van Atria

The extensive magazine collection provides a comprehensive representation of women and their position in society, both now and in previous centuries. We have at least one volume of more than 7,000 historic and contemporary magazines. We also have current subscriptions to almost 250 magazines, more than half of which are digital.

Viewing magazines

You can view the magazines at the library. Although most of the digital magazines can be read online, for copyright reasons a few of them can only be accessed at the library itself.

Magazines at the University of Amsterdam

A number of magazines are too expensive to be purchased in a digital format. However, they are available at the University of Amsterdam’s digital collection. Students and staff members at the University can also access these magazines at home. Other users may view them in situ at the University’s library, which is located at Singel 425 and is within five minutes walking distance of Atria.