Copyright; visual archive

Without the copyright holder’s permission, it is forbidden by law to publish or reproduce visual materials protected by copyright.

  • The reproductions supplied by Atria may only be used for private purposes; the exception is when the copyright holder has granted written permission for their publication or some other form of disclosure.
  • Copyright is owed to the copyright holder.
  • The user must request the creator/holder’s permission in advance.
  • Where applicable, the user must also request permission in advance from those portrayed.
  • The user bears full responsibility for any claims made by the copyright holder following the distribution of reproduction. The user also acknowledges that any resulting costs cannot be recovered from Atria.
  • If published or exhibited, the user will mention the creator’s name, the source and Collection IAV-Atria, institute on gender equality and women’s history.
  • Use is authorised for one occasion only.

In the event of publication, Atria would appreciate the receipt of a complimentary copy.

Copyright; databases and catalogues

Atria holds the copyright for its databases and catalogues. Information may be borrowed for personal use, provided the source is mentioned. Permission to borrow information for commercial use must be made in writing and addressed to Atria.

Copyright; musical works

Any scores (sheet music) obtained from Atria are exclusively intended for personal use. The composer or copyright holder’s permission is required for copying music to be used in a broader context such as an orchestra or choir. Please contact the scores’ publisher for arranging permission and the payment of any fees.