Angela Davis opens exhibition 'Onderbelicht' (Underexposed)

Amerikaanse feministe Angela Davis 1995 bij IIAV Fotograaf Marije van Mierlo

The well-known American feminist Angela Davis visited the Netherlands in 1995. She had been invited by the International Information Center and Archives for the Women's movement (IIAV) in Amsterdam, (now Atria) to open an exhibition on black, migrant and refugee women.

The exhibition, 'Onderbelicht, zwarte, migranten- en vluchtelingenvrouwen in Nederland, informatie uitwisseling in perspectief’ (Underexposed: black, migrant and refugee women in the Netherlands) was on display from 1995 up until March 8th 1996 at the IIAV. The opening speech of Angela Davis, 'Every American has a migrant background', and the texts of the lectures held around the exhibition were published in 1996 and can be found at Atria.