Lizzy van Dorp in a Japanese internment camp in former Dutch East Indies

Bijzondere vrouwen, kamptas van Lizzy van Dorp

Lizzy van Dorp (1872-1945) received this particular notebook for her 72nd birthday in 1944. It served as a gift from other women in camp Tjihapit II in Bandoeng on West-Java. It is a collection of recipes from the Indonesian kitchen to which they added their own recipes. Lizzy van Dorp meticulously made diary notes of her last period in the former Dutch East-Indies.

Lizzy van Dorp's kampreceptenboek
Lizzy van Dorp's colection of recipes

Between 1998 and 2001, over nine meters of van Dorp's archival material was moved to Atria. After Lizzy's cousin deceased, the family cleared out the family house. The extremely well preserved archive of Lizzy van Dorp was stored in the attic and included letters from friends, her housekeeper, family, colleagues, her diaries, administration, newspaper cuttings and many texts on politics, economy, liberalism and feminism.

A striking object is the bag she had with her when she died in camp Banjoebiroe 10 on Java on September 6th, 1945.

Source: Archive E.C. van Dorp 445 and 447