My belly is my own

Baas in Eigen Buik gemaakt voor een protestdemonstratie op 19 februari 1972 te Utrecht - Collectie - IAV

In 1969, a number of young feminists founded the action group Dolle Mina (Mad Mina). The group became renowned by their spectacular actions: they wrapped pink ribbons around urinals to promote public toilets for women, they whistled after men, and they stormed the Nijenrode University (which was only open to men at the time).

One of their most important slogans was ‘abortus vrij’ (legalize abortion). Women demanded to have the power of deciding over their own bodies and worked for the removal of abortion from the criminal code. Their slogan ‘Baas in Eigen Buik’ (My belly is my own) became winged words that are used even today. This poster was made for a demonstration in Utrecht on the 19th of February 1972. 

Source: Collection Dolle Mina 80