Tribute to electricity

Rosa Manus founded the Vrouwen Electriciteits Vereeniging  (7-9-1932). Archief en tijdstrijft in collectie-IAV

On September 7th 1932, Rosa Manus founded the Vrouwen Electriciteits Vereeniging (Women's Electricity Association). Later, the name changed to Nederlandse Vrouwen Electriciteits Vereniging (Dutch Women's Electricity Association). This association continued to exist up until 1973. The aim of the association was the promotion of all applications of electricity and in each area that was considered relevant to women.

Electiriciteits Vereniging (VNEV) 40 jaar Collectie-IAV
Electriciteits Vereniging (VNEV) 40 years Collectie-IAV

At Atria, both the archive and the illustrated magazine 'Bulletin' of the women's electricity association have been retained. Both are a splendid source for study of the development of the house keeping technology in the Netherlands such as the introduction of hoovers.

(Picture above shows detail cover magazine.)

Source: Archive NVEV 18