Welmoet Wijnaendts Francken-Dyserinck seen through the eyes of Thérèse Schwartze

Welmoet Wijnaendts Francken-Dyserinck door de ogen van Thérèse Schwartze Collectie - IAV

The feminist and journalist Welmoet Wijnaendts Francken-Dyserinck (1879-1956) has often been called the counterpart of Aletta Jacobs. She was, as it happens, one of the few who broke away from the Vereeniging for Vrouwenkiesrecht (Association for Women’s Suffrage) in 1907 and established the 'Nederlandsche Bond for Vrouwenkiesrecht' (Dutch union for Women's Suffrage).
Currently, her portrait hangs intimately next to Aletta Jacobs at the office of Atria. Wijnaendts Francken-Dyserinck donated her very extensive archive to the IAV.

The famous Amsterdam artist Thérèse Schwartze (1851-1918) painted this watercolor of her in 1914. Thérèse Schwartze belonged to an artistic family. Her father Johann Georg Schwartze was a painter, her sister Georgine was a sculptress and her nieces were the well-known art painters Lizzy Ansingh and Sorella Ansingh.

Source: Archive E.W. Wijnaendts Francken-Dyserinck