CSW61 Underway

13 March 2017

For the next two weeks, the United Nations (UN) will be focusing on women and girls at the sixty-first Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) which is now underway at the UN in New York.


The CSW’s theme this year is women’s economic independence in the rapidly changing world of work. During this fortnight, government leaders and delegations will negotiate a final document. This text will contain binding agreements on various subjects such as violence in the workplace, education and the influence of robotisation. Antia Wiersma (Manager, Collections, Research & Advice): "It’s a tense year even though the subject of employment is a relatively safe one. This is because the winds of global conservatism are – to put it mildly – failing to offer women and girls any form of progress. To stick to this metaphor, it’s a clear case of headwinds rather the wind in your sails."

Social organisations’ input

In the Netherlands, Atria, WO=MEN and the Dutch Women’s Council are jointly responsible for the coordination of civil society input. For example, this means that a document has been drawn up with recommendations for the Dutch government delegation. It was based on contributions from different social organisations active in the areas of emancipation, human rights and – in this instance – employment and care.

This year, Atria staff members are once again well represented in New York. For instance, Antia Wiersma will be speaking at the Expanding Opportunities for Women's Land side event on 16 March and at the Overcoming Challenges Facing Women in Business in this Changing World event (International Network of Liberal Women) on 17 March.

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