Portret Simone Veil: Roland Godefroy / Wikimedia Commons

On June 30, 2017, the former French politician, Simone Veil, died at the age of 89. Veil is considered an icon in

Herma Hill Kay, UC Berkeley School of Law

The American Law Professor Herma Hill Kay (1934 - 2017) was a pioneer in groundbreaking legislation and academic

Jonge vrouw in speeltuin via Pixabay

From a socio-legal perspective this lecture for the Conference Interpersonal Violence Interventions -


Special guest Amina Wadud entered into dialogue with approximately 20 feminist opinion leaders and publicists.

Vrouwen voeren propaganda voor vrouwenkiesrecht in Amsterdam, 15 februari 1914 © onbekend Collectie IAV-Atria

In 1917, exactly a century ago, women in the Netherlands were granted the passive right to vote.

Fragment Love me gender. Transgenders op zoek naar liefde (EO, 2016)

Atria researched the representation of transgender people in Dutch media of the past 25 years, and investigated how

Infographic violence

Some notable results for the Netherlands: 45% of all women had experienced physical and/or sexual violence at some

Reclamefoto voor fritessnijder © onbekend Collectie IAV-Atria

Historically, Dutch women have been primarily responsible for the kind of food served at home.


Inaugural lecture by Prof. Renée Römkens (Director of Atria), professor by special appointment in Gender Based

Unforgettable Women: Ameera BinKaram

Ameera BinKaram was considered a role model for the empowerment of women in Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates

Portret Mozn Hassan, foto Mostafa Mohie

The Egyptian feminist and human rights campaigner Mozn Hassan (1979) has won the 2016 Right Livelihood Award for

Unforgettable Women: Hande Kader

On 12 August, the young Turkish transgender activist Hande Kader was found murdered in Zekeriyaköy, a suburb of