Product and services

As a knowledge institute, we can help by thinking together about gender equality and effective policy. We deliver content-based advice to policy makers, politicians, businesses and social organisations. In addition, we conduct academic and policy-oriented research into the position of women. At a national and international level, Atria researches and advises both on its own initiative and in the form of commissioned assignments. Here, Atria regularly collaborates with not only other knowledge institutes but also social organisations and businesses. Our key objectives: work and care, violence against women and girls, stereotyping and representation.

Atria’s services are always tailor made. We employ experts with a great deal of knowledge and experience: researchers, policy advisers, information specialists, communication professionals and archivists. You can call on us for:

  • content-based advice about the formulation and implementation of policy
  • policy-oriented research that is both quantitative and qualitative
  • workshops, expert meetings and network events
  • presentations
  • facts and figures
  • the facilitation of academic research

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Work and care

Atria researches and analyses the differences between women and men’s involvement in the job market, daily childcare and informal care. On this basis, we advise the Dutch government, local authorities and employers.  

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Violence against women and girls

Violence against women and girls - at home, at work, on the street and online - is a major social problem. Atria exposes this issue and offers starting points for inclusion on the political agenda, effective prevention policy and personal awareness.

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Public perception

Bosses are men, pink is a girl’s colour and boys are better at technology: all these are stereotypes. Atria examines critically how ideas of what is ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ affect social relations; it also provides opportunities for a different approach.

  • Examples include a variety of gender trainings for the Council of Europe and Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for international co-operation in higher education.

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Care | Education and upbringing | Representation


Many sectors still lack a proportional and diverse representation of women and men. Atria conducts research into women’s participation in both politics and top positions in the business world. Using inspiring national and international examples, we advise the Dutch national government, local authorities, political parties and companies.

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