Women continue to be the main carers of children and family members. Due to an aging population and the decentralisation of social support, the demands made on informal carers are bound to increase. To what extent will this additional informal care obstruct women’s employment participation and economical independence?
Below you will find a selection of Atria's publications along with other gems from the collection on this subject.

borst anatomie uit boekje Aletta Jacobs

Dr. Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs made a very clever book with moveble parts to show the working of the female body in a comprehensive, yet understandable manner.

Hulp bij watersnood

All Dutch women organizations assisted during the 1953 flooding. From a scrapbook, it becomes evident how much aid the Federatie voor Vrouwelijke Vrijwillige Hulpverlening (Federation for Female Voluntary Aid) offered at the time.

zelfverdedigingscursussen bij kenau (1981)

The Kenau foundation was founded in 1981, with the aim of increasing the physical and mental resistance of women and girls by teaching them self-defence and martial arts.

Stationswerk bordje

In the south of the Netherlands - the catholic part - this placard could be found hanging in the bus.