Ideas concerning masculinity, femininity and gender identity play a major role in sexuality. But are these concepts now outdated? What is the role of the social media and the internet in society’s sexualisation and the public perception of sexuality amongst young people?

Below you will find a selection of Atria's publications along with other gems from the collection on this subject.

Meisjes op het strand bij Katwijk 1927 Meisjeskamp V.C.J.B.

Sex and girls

Conversations with young people show that a certain type of sexual behavior is more often approved for boys than for girls. A girl with changing sex partners is quickly called whore or slut, whereas the same behavior in a boy is often considered cool.

Baas in Eigen Buik gemaakt voor een protestdemonstratie op 19 februari 1972 te Utrecht - Collectie - IAV

Women demanded to have the power of decision over their own bodies. A principle that Dolle Mina (Mad Mina) fought for.

zelfverdedigingscursussen bij kenau (1981)

The Kenau foundation was founded in 1981, with the aim of increasing the physical and mental resistance of women and girls by teaching them self-defence and martial arts.

Detail cover 'Maandblad der Vereeniging voor Verbetering van Vrouwenkleeding' , collectie - IAV

The debate over which dress for women is oppressive and dysfunctional, is already old. In 1899, an association fought for clothing in which women could walk, sit an work.